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Get your company on the path to success

Reduce Costs. Improve Efficiency.
  Optimize Operations.

A Software Solution that saves your company money.

  •  Asset management, Tools and hours tracking, Well file management, Job data tracking, Revenue monitoring,
    Invoicing, Operational management and much much more - This tool does it all.

  •  A day’s drilling costs can be between $60,000-100,000 a day for a basic horizontal well with all services on site.
    That’s $2500 to $4200 an hour for an oil company. 
    The cost of that tool failure becomes  $30,000 to $50,000 for the oil Company.
    Your cost can be up to 24000$


  • Improved tool maintenance, managed by DD OPS can easily save multiple trips a year.
    Saving you a lost day rate or more.

  • Has your company every lost a motor, or an MWD component when it got busy?
    A motor can cost $100,000 plus, while MWD Components can cost $20,000 and up.
    Our software system processes keep track of tools simply and easily.

  • Sending the wrong equipment to a job can cost valuable time and lose work for your company.
    Costs can be thousands of dollars to losing a complete project in the millions.
    Poor decision making can be extremely expensive. Oilpatch Solutions solves these challenges.

  • Invoicing and accounting for your company can be tedious and expensive.
    Save valuable man hours and mistakes by integrating our cloud based invoicing system.
    Lost invoices and poor billing practices may be costing your company  more money than you know.

  • Your Directional and MWD coordinators spend an hour daily summarizing information for reports.
    1 Hour a day for 300 days a year is 300 Hrs of lost productivity.
    At $60 an hour that’s $18,000 dollars a year saved and increased productivity gained for your staff.

  • Oilpatch Solutions Software will mitigate all of these potential issues for a mere fraction of the cost.

  • Oilpatch Solutions is a cloud based software company providing resource management solutions for the petroleum industry.

  • Pre-designed, and custom online solutions for MWD and Directional drilling services is our focus.

  • Do you need to keep track of field personnel, detailed tool inventories, service records, Staff information? We provide the solution.

  • Call us and we will set you up with a free demonstration.

  • ​Operations Management Tools

  • Resource Optimization

  • Equipment Maintenance Solutions 

  • Cloud Data Management

  • Globalization​ & Expansion

  • Geographic Data Allocation

  • ​Cloud Accounting & Finance Integration

  • OilPatch Solutions was conceived from a background of 12 Years experience in the "Emergency Services Industry" and 12 years in the Oil and gas drilling industry.

  • Both businesses operate in remote locations. These industries have specialized tools, equipment, and personnel, that operate this equipment. While managing and working with resources and equipment in Fire Fighting Operations, similarities were drawn between oilfield operations and these emergency services.

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