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  • "DDops" is our premiere software solution

  • Operational tools for better decision making

  • MWD and Directional tool management systems

  • Asset tracking systems

  • Personnel and compliance data management

  • Organizational systems

  • Resource optimization 

Operations Management Tools


  • Imagine having access to your business operations data and information from anywhere, at anytime.

  • If your company needs to keep track of personnel, tool inventories, their hours and data, we provide the solution.

  • You need the right tools for the Job. With geographical based data you'll never send the wrong tool to a location.

  • Your staffs local drilling knowledge and experience is leveraged for the client, making for the right man for the job every time.

  • Previous drilling information in similar locations and formations is easily referenced for better decision making. This can be critical when planning services or mitigating issues.





Cloud Data Management


All your data is managed in the "Cloud" giving access to information easily referenced by your personnel. Sharing data seemlessly increases the knowledge base for everyone in your organization.

​Cloud Invoice Implementation


We can work with your in house accounting application and merge it with our cloud based system. This keeps your finger on the pulse when it comes to your costs and revenues on a daily basis.



Depending on the size of your company the "DDOPS" solution is ready to grow with you when you are. The system is scalable and global if required. 

Resource Optimization


Using this software will enable your team to choose the right personnel, the correct MWD and DD equipment for the location, and maximize your performance on the job. 
Creating a happy client is your path to your success.

​Equipment Maintenance Solutions


Fewer tool failures as a result of improved maintenance is a direct benefit of the tool maintenace tracking system. See full history's of tools that have been in the field with the click of a button. See who performed the maintenance, when it was done, and what was replaced, calibrated or repaired. 

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