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  • Oilpatch Solutions is a cloud based software design company providing resource management solutions for the petroleum industry.

  • Pre-designed, and custom online solutions for MWD and Directional drilling services is our focus.

  • Do you need to keep track of field personnel, detailed tool inventories, service records, Staff information? We provide the solution.

  • Call us and we will set you up with a free demonstration.


  • Oilpatch Solutions was derived from a background of 14 Years experience in the "Emergency Services Industry" and 12 years in the Oil and Gas drilling industry.

  • Both businesses operate in remote locations. These industries have specialized tools, equipment, and personnel that operate this equipment. While managing and working with resources and equipment in Fire Fighting Operations, similarities were drawn between oilfield operations and these emergency services.

  • A vast amount of data and information is required and recorded to optimize cost savings and improve performance.

  • In order for operations managers and coordinators to keep on top of day to day business functions and provide them with the big picture, they need a management tool.

  • Oilpatch Solutions created "DDOPS"  to provide this management tool.

  • Our vision is to save your company costs and improve your operations by providing a Better Smarter Management Tool!

About Us
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